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What Is Synthetic Grass

The most recent wave of Synthetic Grass is a replica of grass cover that looks and functions like natural grass. It offers durability all year round, no matter the weather, these surfaces are perfect for playing surfaces on athletic fields that can survive prolonged use without requiring recovery time. Synthetic Grass requires little maintenance and offers a weed-free surface that does not need to be sprayed or fertilized, it comes in a variety of designs that mimic the grass varieties found in the area. Florida Safety Surfacing has the skills and expertise to give you the best Astroturf in the state, contact us today.

Florida Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass

Why Choose Synthetic Grass

Your state has something that few other states don’t: all four seasons. While some people will appreciate it, others are concerned with how they can manage their lawn over the year. With Astroturf, there is no required upkeep or reason to water Astroturf. They’re fake grass but sounds looks, and feels exactly like actual grass.

The Fake Grass From The Late ’60s Has Been Replaced By Modern Models of Astroturf

Florida Safety Surfacing artificial grass has the appearance and sound of natural grass. When it comes to synthetic turf, Florida Safety Surfacing has a wide range of options. We understand that Astroturf can conjure up images of fake grass that simply looked fake, but we promise you, that our grass looks nothing like our competitor’s Astroturf.

Our Synthetic Grass Looks And Feels Like Real Grass

Each blade is sliced to perfection, then rolled and extended repeatedly to reinforce each synthetic thread until it is as thin and graceful as natural grass. We go through a stringent tuft binding procedure after the blades are finalized, which injects these blades into an environmentally safe backing. This turf backing, which is the best in the market, can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. The end product is Astro turf that is unrivaled in terms of longevity, with a multi-year guarantee to back it up.

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Slush and mud aren’t a problem with synthetic turf. There are no dead spots, fertilizers, or toxins. Astroturf can provide you with a low-maintenance lawn. What’s not to like about it? Pets love it, kids love it, what’s not to like about it?

You will also save money and water by using synthetic turf. Daily, the average American family consumes up to 320 gallons of water. Thirty percent of the water is used to water their gardens. Every day, almost 9 billion gallons of water were used for lawn care in the United States. Up to 55 gallons of water can be saved per square foot of natural grass supplemented with artificial turf per year. Consider the amount of water saved by replacing an entire lawn in your province! It is estimated that about half of the water used for outdoor purposes is squandered. Water is extremely useful to many people, and any drop counts.

Our business will assist you in finding the ideal materials anywhere in your state, bringing our goods closer to our customers. Our artificial grass offers cost-effective landscaping options for houses, companies, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass installation costs $12.33 per square foot on average. Homeowners should expect to pay between $5.50 and $18.75 per square foot on average. Costs for labor depend on the size of the area being surfaced, but most of the costs usually go to paying for the material.

It does not need to be watered, mowed, or fed. Some companies use recycled products like discarded tires or water bottles. Astro turf maybe be sometimes pricey, but it has a life expectancy of up to 25 years, making it a less expensive alternative to natural turf over time.

To emulate natural turf, many Astro turf systems today have a drainage sheet, a multi-layered backing structure, and robust "grass" blades infilled with granular filler. The term "infilled" refers to topsoil made up of sand, infill materials, or other granulated recycled tire rubber that provides the requisite uniformity, resiliency, and stability. In most cases, each blade is raised on top of the infill material. The basic activity criteria specify the standard blade size and device characteristics. In some cases, a mat or elastic coating under the turf is used in conjunction with less infill and a lower pile height in the synthetic turf scheme.

Yes, one of the major benefits of synthetic turf is the ability to withstand heavy use. Although natural turf should not be played on after or shortly after a rainstorm, after pesticides and fertilizers have been applied, or during the months when grass does not spread, synthetic turf is always ready to be played on. Synthetic turf must be maintained regularly to survive the constant use it receives.

Yes, dogs will pee and poop on fake grass in the same way they do on natural grass. The good thing is that you won't have to scrub your artificial lawn because of this because it drains the same as rainwater does.

Hoovering fake grass may not be the best option since it may kill the grass fibers. Using a vacuum, particularly one that is strong enough to be used in your house, will suck up and strip grass fibers, balding your new lawn and taking away its beautiful appearance over time.

Using a leaf blower, rigid broom, or plastic rake, clear leaves, and debris regularly. Hedge and tree trimming can be done regularly to reduce the number of leaves that fall into the grass. Apply weed killer to the whole field twice a year to avoid weed growth and to eliminate any stray weeds.

Since Astro turf is not alive, it never dies or decomposes. It's made of inert polymers that don't draw insects.

You won't need ant killer after you add artificial turf. Ants would instead create their mounds in natural lawns, as turf lacks the base and habitual climate that they need.