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Bonded Rubber Mulch is a single-layer product made entirely of recycled rubber! To avoid displacement during the use of bonded rubber mulch, this surface is kept together with the highest quality binder. Unlike dirt, sand, concrete, and wood chip counterparts, this reduces the need for continuous replenishment.

The bonded rubber mulch protective surfacing provided by Florida Safety Surfacing provides a special and natural trail or path system as well as a playground safety surface. The bonded rubber mulch surfacing provided by our companies is a one-step pour that is a cost-effective, long-lasting, clean, and sturdy solution for any playground or park environment. It’s also a fantastic option for locations like zoos, horse walking/training centers, and Disney and Universal Studios’ heavily themed water play areas.

Florida Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber Mulch

Its flexibility also allows it to be used in conjunction with EPDM inlays to expand design possibilities. The characteristics of our bonded rubbers mulch allow for piling and sloping. This aids in the creation of a natural ground environment that will trick passers-by before they reach the area and begin to experience the anti-fatigue properties with each move.

In compliance with the protocols and standard requirements for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and around playground equipment, our bonded rubbers mulch matches and exceeds shock-absorbing properties. Please email us right away for pricing and information on our installation process. We’re the right people to call if you’re looking for a trustworthy Bonded Rubbers Mulch installer.

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Florida Safety Surfacing is committed to delivering products that are safer for the environment and people. This ensures that our goods are built to last and come with the industry’s finest warranties.

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Eco-friendly Surfacing Solution Is Perfect For Many Applications

Aside from landscaping and playgrounds, our bonded rubbers mulch has a wide range of applications. Rubber mulch is often commonly used in equestrian arenas to reduce dust and have a stable surface. The springy rubber mulch relieves joint and bone pressure on the horses while also increasing riders’ fall safety. Rubber mulch is also used as a protected and reliable backstop at indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. The rubber mulch absorbs the bullet’s shock and dampens the noise, greatly decreasing the number of ricochets.

Rubber mulch is also beneficial for training courses. The military, police academy, ropes courses, and climbing walls are performed on this material. Fewer accidents are caused by the high impact attenuation and shock absorbency ratings. Rubber mulch, unlike conventional wood chips, does not deteriorate, ensuring long-lasting, slip-resistant footing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rubber mulch that has been recycled lasts for longer than wood mulch. Most producers claim the recycled rubber mulch can last at least ten years. The majority of dyes used in the processing of rubber mulch will not fade or deteriorate as easily as wood mulch.

It offers excellent thermal insulation. As opposed to wood chips and other organic materials, rubber mulch does a better job of insulating plants from sunlight. It is particularly useful in “indoor” gardens such as sunrooms and solariums because it does not decompose and emit a rotting odor.

Rubber mulch will have a lingering odor for two to three days after it has been installed. It smells like the first day of school and a brand-new pair of shoes. The odor dissipates after two or three days.

Standard wood mulches may be replaced by rubber mulch, which is made from recycled materials. Although landscaping fabric isn't needed underneath rubber mulch, or any mulch for that matter, the advantages of doing so make the extra time and money spent during the installation worthwhile.

Rubber mulch helps to keep the soil moist since it is non-porous and does not absorb water when it passes over the soil. It also serves as a weed buffer, as weed seeds dehydrate in the mulch before touching the soil, reducing fungus and plant growth.

Rubber mulch does not heat up any more than any other form of play surface. The mulch under the soil is colder than other kinds of material since it is rubber and does not conduct heat.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Vs. Other Playground / Landscaping Materials

Rubber Mulch has many advantages over traditional mulch, wood chips, and other surfaces. Rubber mulch is rapidly gaining traction as a sustainable option for industrial and residential playgrounds, as well as landscaping alternatives. When opposed to conventional playground materials, rubber mulch has many advantages. It lasts longer than wood chips or dirt in a playground. It’s a perfect playground surface because the vivid, colorful colors don’t disappear and can provide fall safety up to 12 feet.

Rubber mulch is also an excellent landscaping material. It effectively suppresses weed growth while allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate the soil. It also protects your garden from common garden pests without rotting, dying, or fading. Unlike standard mulch, which floats or blows away in flooding and high winds, rubber mulch can last. Rubber mulch is a great way to add color to your trees, shrubs, and flowers while still complementing your natural landscaping.

Choose Rubber Mulch For Residential And Commercial Landscaping And Playground Surfacing

The non-toxic mulch generated by our company can be used in several residential and commercial applications. For clients all over the world, Florida Safety Surfacing supplies superior rubber mulch at reasonable rates. Our mulch comes in a variety of shades and comes with a multi-year color lock warranty. Our mulch is 99.9% wire-free and made entirely of recycled tires.

Our Company knows how tough it can be to find a reliable contractor. But that is why we’ve come to make your life simpler! We have years of experience in the safety surface industry. For each new Bonded Rubber Mulch project, whether residential or commercial, we aim to provide prompt, competent service at a reasonable price.