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Without safety surfacing to cushion a child’s fall, no playground area is complete. The surface around all playground equipment can play a significant role in determining the potential for injury from a fall. This is also a perfect surface to have under workout equipment! Our company services all cities throughout Gainesville and also all surrounding towns and cities of Gainesville.

Florida Safety Surfacing-Gainesville FL

Poured-In-Place Rubber

Are you searching for a surfacing solution that is accessible, beautiful, safe, and low-maintenance for your neighborhood? The poured rubber surfacing is an excellent idea to make any play area more secure. Also, these products are made up of tiny rubber particles that are applied in 2 layers for utmost safety. The top sheet of the pour-in-place rubber surface is a color layer made of EPDM particles, while the base layer is made of bigger rubber scraps that absorb shock.

Bonded Rubber

These are visually appealing, seamless surfaces made from cleaned, shredded recycled rubber. It is an eco friend’s safety product. In contrast to loose-fill rubber mulch, these rubbers are mixed using a polyurethane binding agent, making this a unitary floor option very convenient. This flooring option is poured in place at a thickness determined by the design of your play structure, ensuring that the flooring meets the required fall heights. Furthermore, bonded rubber comes in various colors and can give your play area a natural appearance. Furthermore, it requires little to no maintenance and has a long lifespan. Bonded rubber installation has to be performed by a technically trained and approved technician.

Rubber Tiles

Our rubber playground tiles are ideal for use in children’s play areas. Swimming pools and indoor gym equipment. The thickness of each mat and the shock-absorbency of the granulated rubber material makes these tiles and playground areas much safer for children.

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