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Poured-In-Place Rubber Surfacing, also known as PIP, is considered by an increasing number of schools, public playgrounds, and parks with play areas. This product has various advantages, including protection, ease of maintenance, and its obvious beauty. Do you want to learn more about Poured-In-Place Rubber surfacing in your area? If your neighborhood requires a clean and appealing playground surface, our company provides the best quality and most reliable rubber surfacing solutions.

Our company provides a variety of items that we can build in your state and around the US. The PIP Rubber is an appealing and long-lasting PIP substance. The surface is also hygienic, dependable, and durable. A child is less likely to be seriously injured if they slip on this surface. We are a one-stop shop with everything you would need to build a long-lasting playground surface.

Florida Safety Surfacing-Poured-In-Place Rubber

Excellent Quality Guaranteed

We have been providing the best quality solutions since our establishment, and our portfolio now encompasses the construction of over two million square feet of protective surfaces and outdoor areas. We’ve completed projects ranging from the most simple to the most sophisticated graphic designs. Anything from delivering a fair quote, to completing the process is handled expertly by us. So you have no reason to hesitate to call us if you’re looking for a safety surfacing expert.

We not only install our products efficiently, but we also use our expertise to test your current playground surfaces and ensure that they follow the requisite protection and quality requirements. If your surfaces need care and maintenance, we will have a competent team to assist you. Our list of completed facilities includes both indoor and outdoor playfields. Florida Safety Surfacing has a long list of satisfied customers all over the world. Municipal engineers, landscape architects, and parks & recreation departments were among the participants. PIP rubber has also been installed by school districts, churches, the military, and a variety of other organizations.

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We Don’t Say No To Any Project

In your territory, our company provides expert rubber playground surfacing architecture, construction, and installation services. We can perform any task, no matter how big or small it is. We’ll be glad to talk about the many choices with you. For more details, give us a call today for a no-obligation quote!

A two-layer framework is used for PIP surfacing. The impact-absorbing layer of the surface is the bottom layer, which is made of SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber). The SBR base is made entirely of recycled materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The top layer is a colored coat made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) synthetic rubber granules that serves as the surface’s wear path. Our qualified in-house installation team custom mixes PIP surfacing on-site to produce a smooth safety board.

Through us, you can create any styles, banners, patterns, and colors you have in mind. Logos can be made on our surfaces as well as, traditional games like Hop Scotch, Four Square, and Tic Tack Toe are pleasing to the eye and they add play value to your custom poured board. Our surfacing complies with the industry norm for determining the accessibility of surface structures under and around playground equipment.

Benefits Of Poured-in-place Surfacing

Simple to maintain; highly durable; seamless slip-resistant surface; drains water quickly; ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified. Complimentary for wheelchair accessibility; can be mounted both indoors and out; consistent shock absorption; the surface is well installed making sure that the material does not move out of place.

Here Are A Few Questions Which We Usually Get Everyday:

What Is PIP Rubber Surfacing For Playgrounds?

PIP rubber is a kind of playground flooring that is smooth and made up of tiny rubber granules that have been glued together. It isn’t flimsy stuff, like rubber mulch, wood chips, sand, or dirt.

The more rubber surfacing you look to install, the more expensive it will be, but the better the playground will be in the end.

Poured In Place rubber is very safe. Especially our products, in our studies, the products that we use have shown no signs to cause skin discomfort.

While PIP rubber surfacing is the most commonly used and accurate concept in the market, it is also known as rubberized playground flooring, wet pour rubber surfacing, playground flooring, or poured rubber flooring.

The average of well-maintained PIP surfaces can last for up to 8 years. PIP surfaces should be tested every 8 years, and resurfacing should be considered if the floor is showing signs of aging. Frequently, only the top wear course displays signs of wear and necessitates treatment.

To extract organics and debris, the soil should be swept once a week. Commercial cleaners, ideally citric-based, should be used to remove stubborn marks or stains.

Plastic-bladed snow shovels are recommended to keep the surface clean and in good shape. To avoid freezing, ice melt or icy surfaces are the only substance to use. Most residues and debris can be removed by pressure washing in the spring. Sand isn’t advised because it can clog the openings and reduce the surface's porosity.

Yes. Water can flow into the porous rubber to the sub-base material or drainage channel. For some water park uses, we may even add a non-porous device.

Yes, it can be built on hills, making it an excellent option for playgrounds with mounds or sloping land.

Installation requires expertise and exact mixing ratios, so it is not recommended. The product expenses (rather than the labor cost) are by far the most expensive part of the installation.

This is highly dependent on the application, the area surface, rubber thickness, and color and pattern combinations. For the best advice and pricing for your particular project, please contact Florida Safety Surfacing firm.