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Florida Safety Surfacing-Lehigh Acres Florida

A top-quality safety surface can save a life. We are not even joking or exaggerating about this. This is why you need to put a lot of time and effort into choosing the best materials. Additionally, make sure qualified experts are handling the process with you. Installation is just as important as quality materials, after all.

The relevance lies in how surfacing material helps in absorbing the fall impact. This is what allows for reducing the degree of damage caused. With playground safety surfacing, you can effectively ensure the safety of kids playing and just anyone in the space.

Our company is here to help install safety surfacing materials on the playgrounds. We’re a full-service in safety surfacing installations and maintenance. Contact us now and book your services with us for the best results.

What to Use for Your Safe Surface in Playgrounds?

Some of the top options include:

Synthetic turf

Synthetic turf is mostly used in the professional sports field. However, it’s also used for playground surfacing. The surface is easy and simple to install and looks like natural grass. It requires no mowing and can withstand high foot traffic. The best part? Low-cost maintenance comes with it.

The synthetic fibers are resistant. They also save you time and money in irrigation and regular maintenance. The fibers and consistency of the turf act as a suitable surfacing material for playgrounds. It can absorb the fall impact and offers decent protection to kids.

Rubber tiles

This type of surfacing is not only comfortable but also stunning. You can get a customized result based on the colors and designs you want. All this without sacrificing safety and quality in the process.

Rubber tiles are always found in interlocking panels. This makes them easy to install. It’s available in numerous colors, which prove to be attractive for kids. In addition, it has commendable shock-absorbing power that you should care about.

Although they seem expensive, they’re not. If you consider the long term, it’s worth the investment. It’s the upfront cost of the installation which is high. Otherwise, rubber tiles stay intact for quite a long time. You get the most out of your money and time when the installation is done accordingly.

Why Choose Our Team at Florida Safety Surfacing?

We have been in business for over two decades. We are proud of the results we achieve and what we do for you. Our company has been in the playground protective surfacing industry, delivering the best. The materials we use are safe for the environment, have a warranty, and are affordable.

Our safety surfacing experts measure the critical fall height before selecting the right material thickness. It helps in absorbing the maximum impact of the fall. Therefore, offering the required protection.

 We have the services for safety surfacing you need. Also, the experts with the required experience and skills. In addition, our playground surfacing services are affordable and available across the country. Contact us for a free quote in Lehigh Acres!