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If you truly worry about your kids, seek the best experts in safety surfacing. Installation is crucial for these spaces; you need quality materials and professionals. Otherwise, the result will be poor. This only leads to possible injuries and children being unsafe in playgrounds.

Unlike any type of flooring, safety surfacing material is mostly made up of 100% pure rubber. Sometimes, of just any other approved material that is installed underneath the equipment. It can also be installed on the ground. It is specially designed to protect children. As this is 100% pure, chemicals and contaminants aren’t worries for most parents. This ensures all children enjoy the space.

Florida Safety Surfacing is a top company known for providing the best services all over the country. Our company has provided safety surfacing services for over two decades now. It is experienced in its work. Reach us now to get top-quality safety surfacing services. You won’t be disappointed but rather satisfied and happy.

Commonly Used Materials in Our Company

for the safety surfacing you need, we use a wide variety of materials:

Poured Rubber or PIP Rubber

Poured rubber is mostly a two layers system. It has a typical thickness range of 1-3/4” to 5-1/2”. It is the most commonly used playground surfacing for providing safety to children. This is because of the price and quality. You get the best without putting in as much effort. This surfacing provides a cushion-like surface for falling. Its soft surface makes it best suitable for walking as well as for playing.

Poured rubber is made from recycled or synthetic rubber. This means this is free from harmful chemicals that may stick to hair, body, or eyes and affect children. This is IPEMA certified and meets the safety-critical fall height of up to 13 feet. All ADA regulations are also met.

Synthetic Turf

If you like natural grass, you will love synthetic turf. This requires low maintenance as it doesn’t require any trimming or irrigation. This means it ends up being cheaper and less time-consuming compared to grass. Further, it is soft and protects when a child falls or lands, making it a suitable playground surfacing.

Synthetic turf requires low maintenance as it doesn’t require water for its growth. You get to save over 50,000 gallons of water per week on average. This is safe for children and pets. It doesn’t require any fertilizers or pesticides for its growth, and you work with simple care.

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Florida Safety Surfacing is the company you need. Our team provides different types of safety surfacing all over the country. Our company has hired certified professionals who look into minor as well as major corrections.

We are here with the best experts waiting for you. We use top-quality materials for all surfacing types to avoid any difficulty or inconvenience in future years.

Our experts always look after the safety of our customers during installation. We also handle any maintenance and service you need our help with.